Saturday, July 20, 2013

Assorted BS

Nope, I didn't retire early, have a heart attack or medical issue.  I have just been too busy to take time to sit down and type out a post.  At work it has been a few weeks of long hours as I fill in for missing employees who are taking their vacations.  Most of the guys I work with have three weeks of vacation so we are missing bodies often during the summer months.  At times I get to work from 2 o'clock AM to 4:00 o'clock PM, sometimes longer.
Service Department Drive at 2 am.
I have been lucky to have every weekend so far this month and Mia and I have used them exceedingly well by visiting our trailer in the woods and having some time away.  One weekend we took our grand daughter and her friend up to the park for a weekend get away.   Who knew two thirteen year old girls could have so much fun.  It was tiring.  The next weekend Mia and I took Honey and spent the whole weekend just laying back at the trailer.  The park was nearly empty so we had an opportunity to enjoy the peace and quiet.  We even had a fire, something we very seldom do.

 I even devised a way to cook dinner over the fire.  We don't have a grate for this little portable fireplace so I took two hot dog cooking forks and put them across the opening of the fireplace and then remove the grille from our portable barbecue and laid it on top of them.  We cooked chicken breasts over the coals left from a very hot fire.

 One of the local towns, Sultan, always has a summer fair and we decided to visit.  They have vendor booths, parades, logging contests and all kinds of summer fun.  We walked through town and enjoyed the sites and sounds and even watched some of the parade.  I hadn't been to a parade in years.  The only thing I took a picture of was this weird converted tractor.  Some kids.

 I have this weekend off and we have chosen to stay home and get some chores done.  I'll read some of the blog posts that I haven't yet had time to read.  We are dog sitting a friends pet and he and Honey seem to be getting along great.  Honey is jealous as heck when Dad pets Kobe.  Jumps all over me.
Hope you are having a great weekend.

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  1. I must remember your tricky method of cooking food over a fire.