Thursday, July 4, 2013

Looking For Friendly Suggestions

As Mia and I prepare for the day that we retire (April 15th), we are looking at options as we slip into our golden years.

We are certainly not the richest folks in the world.  I have worked for non union companies all my life which doesn't afford us much in the way of pension plans.  We have managed to save some using 401k and Roth retirement funds but it certainly isn't a bundle and if we live another 20 years there is some concern as to whether or not we'll have enough.

First and foremost is health care.  We will be using Medicare and are advised to have a supplemental policy to protect from massive loss of funds due to emergency illness.  I am looking for suggestions from those folks already using Medicare.  What are the options for supplemental policies?  Which ones do you use?  What are the cost associated with the policy?

Secondly, since we don't have tons of money we will be trying to travel across the country as cheaply as possible.  I suspect gas and food will be our two biggest expenses.  Another expense that I am not looking forward too is the cost of RV Parks.  How do you keep from spending tons on money on fees for RV parks.  Looking for suggestions to keep our expenses to a minimum.  Places to look for further information on boondocking spots and anything else you can offer that will help us remain frugal as we travel across the country.

Lastly, personal protection.  How many of you carry a hand gun with you?  If not, do you every feel the need to have one?  What prompted you to obtain one?

Looking forward to your comments as I am getting close and want to get some of the research out of the way early.


  1. We have found the AARP Medicare Supplemental to be Very adequate. We are both 70 and been thru 2 Heart attacks. No more cost to us than our premiums.($430a month for two and bumps up a bit each year) When you can, be sure to get the 'Part D" drug supplemental plans ($43 each per month) again AARP. Sure saves a lot, but is changing with Obama care-not yet but not sure how much.
    We wish we were you, been trying to sell(not giveaway) the farm and house for 5 years now, will be on the road as soon after as I can walk out the door!!!
    When you get your frugal answers, Please publish them.. we need to know too . Thanks

  2. A lot depends on where you are. For instance, many folks have Kaiser Health plans (very good) but unless you are in their service area you can't get it. We both have Mutual of Omaha. We picked the most expensive plan and have no co-pay when we visit the doctor. It also has great hospital coverage which we haven't needed yet. Could probably get by with a cheaper plan but this way we know what it will cost each month and no worries about co-pays. Costs vary depending on your service area. I have Silver Script for my Part D and like it a lot better than the Humana one I had last year. It all depends on what medication you take on a regular basis. You can go to the Medicare site and input your medications and it will calculate the best plan for you. It will also help you choose the Medicare supplement that is best for you. If you don't take much, then Humana is very inexpensive and might be a good choice. Talk to an independent insurance agent. There is no charge to you and they can help you pick the right plan.

    You might want to check out Boondockers Welcome. It is a membership plan that has people invite others to park for free (a night or two) at their homes. We are members and have had folks park at our home on their way to their destination. It is not a camping place, just an overnight rather than a Walmart. Forest Service campgrounds are usually a lot less expensive than others but usually have no hook-ups. Get a senior pass (America the Beautiful) at any National Park or Forest service location (Google it for locations where sold). It costs $10 for a lifetime and offers half price camping at many places and free day use entrance to all national parks and monuments. Don't dismiss casinos even if you don't gamble. Bargains to be had there, some with hook-ups, some without.

    That's my two cents worth LOL!!