Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another Mistake.....Really

I was looking at my blog tonight and noticed that the link to my "published work" doesn't work....

So I will type it out for you're enjoyment or lack there of....

(Editor's note:  This letter is a condensation of a lengthy essay entailed "The United States in Viet-Nam."  It was written by Kenneth Pratt, a pupil at Nathan Hale High School.)

Editor, The Times:
     The United States has no designs whatever on the resources or territory of Viet-Nam.  Our concern is three-fold.
     First, South Viet-Nam, a member of the free-world family, is striving to preserve its independence from Communist attack.  They have asked for our help.  We shall continue to give it.
     We do so in their interest and in our own clear self-interest.  Basic to the principle of freedom and self-determination which have sustained our country for almost two centuries is the right of peoples everywhere to live and develop in peace.  Our own security is strengthened by the determination of others to remain free.
     Second, Southeast Asia is vital to our national security, for if the Communists should every control its resources and territory, it might mean the end of the free world.
     And, third, South Viet-Nam is a test case for the Communist strategy.
     Some critics of our present policy have suggested that we withdraw. This the United States totally rejects.
     Others have called for a similar option-"neutralization" of Viet-Nam.  This is the game of "what's mine is mine and what's yours is negotiable."  No one seriously believes the Communists would agree to "neutralization" of North Viet-Nam.
     The third option is military action-now being taken-outside South Viet-Nam, particularly against North Viet-Nam to supplement the counter-insurgency program in South Viet-Nam.
     This course-its implications and ways to carry it out-have been carefully studied.  Whatever the ultimate course is forced upon us by the other side, it is clear that it would be a supplement to - not a substitute for - progress within South Viet-Nam.
     The fourth course of action is to help the South Viet-Namese win the battle in their own country.  This is essential, no matter what else be done.
     Let us repeat that our goal is peace and stability, both in South Viet-Nam and Southeast Asia.  We have learned that "peace at any price" is not practical in the long run and that the cost of defending freedom must be borne if we are to have it at all.
     The road ahead in Viet-Nam is going to be long, difficult and frustrating.  It will take work, courage and imagination and -perhaps more than anything else- patience.  When the day comes that we can safely withdraw, we expect to leave an independent and stable South Viet-Nam, rich with resources and bright with prospects for the peace and prosperity of Southeast Asia and the world.
                                                                      KENNETH PRATT,
                                                              Nathan Hale High School.

See....I had no clue what I was talking about.

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