Sunday, October 14, 2012

Jeez Are You Kidding Me

Lets start off with a little catch up.  Obviously it has been some time since I sat down to update the blog.

After a long dry spell in the Pacific Northwest, Fall made an appearance this past week with overcast, cloudy and rainy days.  Not super bad, just chill with winds and showers.  Now this is what a Seattleite has come to expect from fall.  I have some fall coats that I have had for years and I decided to get rid of them and buy a new one this year.  I purchased a shorter, light weight jacket with a blanket liner from Carhartt and I couldn't be happier with it.  Smart looking and it keeps me warm on these windy days.

My grandson Zach and I met my son Jeff in downtown Seattle yesterday to go to the Husky/USC football game at Century Link Field.  It was an interesting game that had some highlights of good things to come, unfortunately with no offensive line and some relatively poor decisions the Huskies came away losers again 24-14.  Husky football is much better than it was four or five years ago but it still has a ways to go before it can become a power house like it was it the earlier years.  Never the less the game was fun and Jeff, Zach and I had a wonderful guys afternoon/evening out.

The city skyline from the stadium
They do know how to tailgate

The Marching Band and my finger
I didn't get any pictures of the team on the field and yes this is the same stadium that the Seattle Seahawks play in.  Husky stadium is undergoing a major remodel and should be ready for next season.

I fixed a big pot of spaghetti for Friday nights dinner.  Had some rolls with butter and garlic salt and a chocolate pie for dessert.  I have left overs for this afternoons Sunday meal.

Okay, I have a new subject.  I have continually stated that folks looking to purchase a tow vehicle should do their research and ensure that what they want to purchase will tow what they to tow.  I can't say this enough, you cannot upgrade an under-rated tow vehicle by putting a bigger hitch on it and expect it to do tow safely.  We have folks come it and purchase a small SUV for fuel economy and then ask us to install a larger hitch than we know the vehicle is designed to handle.  Some people become very upset when they realize that what they imagined isn't going to be possible.

Prior to laying down all the cash for a nice SUV, make absolutely sure it can do what you plan to use it for.  The SUV pictured above might be okay if it is a V6 or diesel and the trailer is and ultra light, otherwise this combination is looking for trouble down the road.

Enough said. Buyer beware.


  1. That is good advice for sure. Thanks.

  2. It's always fun to watch a college football game in person. And Washington is coming back. I would have liked to see them beat USC but I guess it was not to be.