Sunday, October 21, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

The weather has definitely changed in the Pacific Northwest.  It is cold, windy and rainy outside today.  That is the normal weather we would see this time of year.  Along with the weather change comes the flu season.  I went and got a flu shot in late September but there are folks already coming down with something that might be flu or some other virus and I am told it isn't a good one.  I haven't had a cold for a long time but Thursday I woke up with a pain in the soft palate area of my mouth.  It was only painful first thing in the morning and went away after I swallowed a few times.  It hurt more each time I swallowed until the pain disappeared.  I had the same pain on Friday morning and along with it, some scratchiness in my throat.  By Friday afternoon, I could feel a definite difference in my nasal and throat compared to my norm.  Yesterday and today it has gotten worse.  Achy, sickly, tired and frankly not doing much of anything.
I am relatively certain it is nothing more than the common cold.  I just hope it doesn't give way to something more.  Colds are, without doubt, one of the most irritating illnesses to have.

Last night our Huskies took a trouncing at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats 52-17.  It is interesting to note that the team that upset Stanford back on 09/27, 17 - 13, hasn't won a game since the upset.  Prior to the game against Stanford the Huskies had won 3 and lost 1.  The wins were awesome and the one loss was a lopsided loss to LSU.  The following Monday the Huskies became ranked.  Number 23 in the country.  Here in lies the issue.  Since then they have lost 4 games and won zip.  The losses have been big.  They just can't seem to find the "stuff" they had when they played Stanford.  Defense is having problems finding the same unity they showed in the Cardinal upset.  I don't really understand what is going on.  It is hard to watch them get demolished by the other PAC12 teams.

On to Election 2012.  There are people who think I am an idiot for having not already decided whom I plan to vote for in the Presidential and Governor races.  There are so many things wrong with the economy, country, taxes, and foreign policies at the current moment that it is very difficult to not want to make a change.  The question would be, is a change going to make any difference?  I have watched the debates, watched the television analysis, read the internet, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, Seattle Times and a wide assortment of other periodicals and I still wonder who the hell is telling the American people the truth.  I seriously doubt that anyone is actually telling us the truth.  They are afraid of the ramifications of the truth.  And how much do either the candidate or the incumbent actually know about the details of the annual budgets?  I suspect they have highlights.  I doubt they deal with too many details.  I continue to try and make a decision and I had better hurry up because my voting materials have arrived in my mailbox and are now sitting on the table next to me.  The choice must be made...


  1. Ken, I won't presume to tell you who to vote for, but since I am a fiscal conservative, I am going to vote for Romney. I am in favor of smaller government. I also think that the Obama administration has really bungled the reports about the attack in Libya. I won't go so far as to call it a cover-up, but the details that the administration has given contradict each other and something doesn't smell right.

    For governor, I am going to vote for McKenna. The Democrats have ruled this state for many years--maybe it's time to give a Republican a chance?

    1. I will likely join you with McKenna for Governor. Still not sure who I will choose for President. Doubt I will make it public even when I do.