Sunday, December 4, 2011

What Weekend

My first weekend off in some time and it seems like it is ending too fast. Wow the time flew by.

We drove to Gold Bar yesterday. When we left Federal Way it was 33 degrees outside. By the time we got to Gold Bar it was 31 degrees. We pulled into the lot and immediately noticed that the park had cut down two alder trees at the start of the drive. Believe me when I say we are in no way upset over the missing trees. Not only do they dump a lot of leaves on the lot they are dangerous and a threat to fall over. Not surprising to find we now seem to have more light on the lot.

We got out of the truck and walked over to the trailer. The trailer was wet just like the last time we were up to check it. The only difference, this time the wet was a sheet of ice on the trailer and not water. The water had frozen on the trailer including the roof. So cleaning the pine needles would have been impossible and I wash't real big on putting the cover over all that ice. So, we left the trailer the way we found it and went out to lunch. We pretty much wasted yesterday afternoon.

We went to the store this morning and started to put up our Christmas decorations and the tree. Now that we are done with all that we are sitting down and enjoying some quiet time before bed and back to work.

Christmas is coming and my grandson and I will be helping with Forgotten Children on Christmas Eve. More about that later.

Hope you are all doing well and warmer than us. It is getting cold again tonight.


  1. have fun with the decorating!..hope it warms up soon and you can get the cover on the trailer!!

  2. Christmas is coming so cleaning business will be at its peak. So careful about the fake ones.

  3. Since we're down south for the first time I won't have to bother with all that Christmas decorating and lights this year. Looks like I wont' have to worry about ice either which is really nice.