Friday, December 16, 2011

Away From Home Again

We are waking up in overcast Portland, Oregon after spending an evening at one of our favorite places to stay, The Governor Hotel near downtown. We have been impressed with the service in this historic landmark hotel from a previous visit.

We are in Portland because I came down yesterday to attend a manufacturer meeting and take a tour of our brand new parts warehouse that will supply us with parts for one of the brands we sell. The facility is huge, eight football fields under one roof serving 130 dealers with 20 warehouse employees. It is a very efficient operation.

We spent the afternoon walking around downtown and went to Powell's Bookstore. A huge, block square, book store that you could spend days in. They have it all. Great place and as usual we didn't leave without buying something.

Last night we went to dinner at Jake's which is in the corner of the lobby of the hotel. We had a very nice meal and excellent service from the staff. We had not eaten in this establishment before but were very impressed. I would save it for a special occasion. It isn't real expensive but it can add up with all the add ons. I have spent more for a meal and been less satisfied.

This morning we are going to have our morning meal at Kenny and Zukes just a short walk from the hotel. Do you like pastrami? These guys are open at 7:00 o'clock AM during the week to serve up some yummy meals. Their pastrami is cured 7 days, smoked 10 hours, steamed for 3 hours & hand-sliced just for you. With advertising like that, how can you pass up an opportunity to enjoy. We first found them on a previous trip to Portland and wanted to purchase some of their wonderful pastrami to go but had lunch and never made it back. This time we will be taking some to go.

The weekend is shaping up. We had hoped to help our son and babysit our latest grandchild but it appears that with both of us suffering from head colds and baby James only wanting his two front teeth for Christmas, our Saturday evening plans may have changed. My older grandson wants to go to a hockey game, so maybe I'll hook up with him and what the Thunderbirds. Sunday might be baking time depending on how we feel. Butterhorns, refrigerator cookies....yummmm

From the blogs I have been reading it appears that everyone is doing fairly well and looking forward to the holidays with family and friends. Except for a persistent cough and runny noise we are doing the same.

Be good.

I stole all the pictures above from other websites...

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