Monday, January 20, 2014

What A Sunday And Looking To The Future

I have not seen this city so galvanized by one team since the Seattle Mariners won the American League Championship in 1995 or won a major league best 116 games in a single season in 2001.  Of course there have been others such as the Seattle Sonics in 1979 winning the NBA Championship.  Then there was the Washington Huskies who ended up sharing the NCCA National League title with Miami in 1991.  I don't even recall as much excitement when the Huskies went to Miami in 1994 to play the Hurricanes for the first time in school history.  Miami has a 58 game home winning streak that  the Huskies quickly put to an end 38 - 20.

Still nothing has prepared me for this year and the many, and I do mean, many, rabid Seattle Seahawk fans.  They are everywhere and this team has given Seattle and the surrounding area something to crow about, no pun intended.

I was a big professional football fan back in my younger life.  I enjoyed several Seahawk games when Largent and Zorn were impossible to separate.  It was like Zorn had a string attached to the football and Largent, slow and under rated, always managed to find a way to get open and catch the ball.  It was a fun time even though they didn't really have huge success.  Each game was a nail biter.

Earlier in life, BH (Before Hawks), I enjoyed the San Francisco 49er team with Joe Montana at the helm.  They were a dynasty in the early 80's with Montana at the helm and Walsh as the head coach.  I wasn't far from a television in those years.

I won't go into details but my enjoyment of professional football was lost at a game in Seattle at the Kingdome.  While watching the Kansas City Chiefs stripped of what pride they had a group of other spectators pretty much ruined the game for me.  I have never been back to a  professional football game since and I really haven't followed the game very much since.

This year changed.  I along with many others here in the Northwest are enjoying the ride along with the other more rabid folks.  I watched the game yesterday as the Seahawks once again won in spite of themselves.  We had a long running home game winning streak that was taken away by Arizona about four or five games ago and ever since then the offense has been flat.  Just lethargic while the defense has been awesome.  Keeping the games close so we didn't have to score a bunch of points.

As the game ended yesterday and the Hawks became the NFC Champions the money in Las Vegas had the Hawks favored to win the Super Bowl.  It didn't last long.  The Hawks are the underdogs going into the game as I write this blog.  After watching Peyton Manning disassemble the Patriot defense yesterday I have to wonder what is in store.  Suffice it to say that there is one Seahawk that will be the center of attention for sometime to come.

Onward and upward.  Thanks for stopping by.

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