Sunday, January 5, 2014

Century Mark Is Here And Other Suff

We have successfully reached the century mark to retirement.  There are exactly 100 days, including days off, until we wonder off into the sunset years of our lives.  I hope the sun takes a really long time to set.

I can't say there isn't some agonizing over the anticipated event.  My first concern is that Mia and I live through it.  My second concern is that we have enough money to live through it.  There are so many unknowns in life and we have been fortunate, thanks to Mia, to put away some funds to hopefully last as long as we live.  Unfortunately Social Security is a big part of that.  Anything that might happen to that income could be a minor disaster.  I can see why there may be and issue.

As we work though the years we, hopefully, manage to grow, get promoted and earn more money over the period.  I was just looking to see what my earnings were and how much I and my employers have paid into my social security account.  I don't make an extreme amount of money but I managed to do okay and a lot better that a lot than many of the peers in my generation.  Having never had a pension plan, loosing one was not an issue.  But here is the interesting part.  My monthly income from social security will exceed my payments as well as those of my employers in just seven short years.  It is really no wonder that this program and many pension plans are in jeopardy.

The big news today is the NFL playoffs.  I have never been a real big NFL football fan.  I don't have a favorite team even though my local team, the Seahawks, hold destiny in their hands and may very well make it to the Super Bowl this year.  I don't have any Seahawk clothing, flags, or other fan related merchandise.  I have and will watch them play as they try to win their way to the big bowl and I will give the current administration lots of credit for bringing the organization up to its current level.  But I just can't bring myself to become a raving, face painting, jersey wearing fan because I haven't been to a game since the way before the Kingdome was demolished.

Hope no one is stuck in the east…thanks for stopping by


  1. only 100 days left?..lucky you!! enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Yeah, I live in the cold, frigid, snowy, grey east. Central Pennsylvania.