Thursday, November 28, 2013

Thanksgiving Day And More Ramblings

Let me start off by wishing everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving.  A day that most Americans eat way more than they should, regret and tomorrow start looking forward to next year but wait, there's leftovers.  There will be lots of them in my house and I suspect I will be eating the left overs until sometime middle of next week.  Leftovers are the best.  I look forward to a nice turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce on Saturday.  Haven't had one of those since last year.

The inventory is over and I will get to keep my job for the next 138 days.  I was truly surprised at how close we were after two years with no physical inventory and two major moves of the entire parts department.  They say preparation is 90% of any good job so perhaps all the hours I spent counting and working in the inventory the past two months paid off.  We have a surprisingly clean inventory for a store with over $800,000 on the shelf and sales in the $600,000 range every month.

Unfortunately I did loose a good counterperson yesterday.  My assistant left our organization and has left a void that I need to fill pretty quickly.  I have a young man that I believe is capable of taking my position when I leave and this will be a good time to find out what he is made of.  I suspect that I won't see 100% retirement for a while as the family will want me to participate with getting him up to speed.  I fully expect to step down from management of the department and move to the counter for the remainder of my career.  While I will still technically be in charge I will put the pressure on to see if we have made a solid choice.  I think this change will come about on January 2nd.  I am excited and looking forward to some shorter work days and less stress.

I suppose I could go on but I do some of my best work in the early morning so I think I will work on our planned trip once our grandson graduates.

Take care and enjoy your day where ever you are.

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