Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday After Defeat

The Huskies tried.  Oh, how they tried.  Remember my remarks concerning the number of penalties and what it was costing them yards gained.  That they needed to find an answer and fix the issue before they get to playing the powerhouses.  Well, they didn't and it contributed to their first loss of the year to Stanford last night.  We entered this game as the most penalized team in college football and it didn't get any better with eight hankies dropping in the first half alone.  A total of ten penalties for 89 yards.

The out gained Stanford in total yards 489 to 279 and both teams threw an interception.  It was almost a great comeback until the final play of the game when the folks in the booth overturned a ruled catch on the field and the game ended with the Huskies loosing 31/28.

It is obvious that the early hype is right, the Huskies are back.  Once they figure out how to operate their new offense they will be hard to deal with.  In the meantime, it is frustrating for fans and coaches to watch but nothing like it was four years ago.  These guys give you something to believe in and they will get better.

Looming along the sidelines for next week another heavy opponent, the Oregon Ducks.

I was going to go up to Gold Bar and get our trailer today but Mia wants me to move a portion of our bunk beds over to our granddaughters room.  Then we have shopping and I would like to look into building some shelves in the garage for storage of some of the bulkier items that we store.

The Seattle Seahawks play the Colts today in Indianapolis.  Should be a great match up.  I suspect the best defense will win.

It is almost time to watch the Sunday morning political shows and get myself worked up again.  As if reading some of the blogs posted about the state of our country hadn't already made me take extra blood pressure medicine.


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