Sunday, October 27, 2013

Gas Prices

As I drive to work each day I pass our local Safeway store where Mia and I purchase the majority of our fuel.  I as drove to work yesterday I noticed the neon sign said $3.39 per gallon for regular gasoline just as it has for the past week or so.  Less than twelve hours later on my way home the sign had changed to $3.15 per gallon.  I double checked the sign this morning to make sure it wasn't an error and it still reads as it did yesterday.  I guess I have to wonder how it could drop as much at 24 cents a gallon in one day.  Seems to me that I heard the margins for the retailer of fuel was very, very narrow.  Were they overcharging the day before yesterday?


  1. We saw $3.05 for gas at a Safeway along I-5 in Woodland, WA. I did a double-take on that price! We'll enjoy the "low" prices before they go up again!

  2. Here's another thing I've noticed: the Sheetz right near the college where I taught for nine years always raised the gas prices every Friday (when most students at that college headed home) and lowered them on Monday mornings. How is that OK?