Saturday, April 27, 2013

Weekend Alone With Honey

It is nearly five o'clock a.m. and as Honey is still sleeping I get some quiet time to muse about all kinds of stupid stuff but then that is what old guys do.

Mia left yesterday on a four day trip to eastern Washington with friends in their motorhome to go wine tasting.  As you know from my past blogs this is probably a place I should not visit and since it is the end of the month and I can't really be away from work I decided to stay home with Honey.

I believe that Rick has commented on this phenomena before but Anonymous is an intriguing character.  He/she can say and do just about anything without fear of reprisal because we have no idea who they are or where they live.  Some are great, some are not.  Anonymous can make comments about everything.  They can be rude.  They can be nice.  They can pick arguments.  They just don't want the rest of us to know who they are.  I may not always say the right thing or believe as everyone else does but one thing I will never be is anonymous.

I am off to take a bath, walk Honey, fix breakfast and get this day started.  Have a great weekend.

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