Saturday, April 6, 2013


Stop the madness....I had enough and I can't take it anymore.  My God what is this generation coming too.

This week another drunk with a previous DUI makes a U-turn in the middle of highway 520 in the predawn hours and proceeds to travel in the wrong direction until slamming into a Mazda driven by a 58 year old lady who later succumbed to her injuries.  The drunk driver was 25 and may have suffered a broken leg while his passenger was found past out with no injuries.

The state has been discussing new laws to make it harder for these offenders to get back in a car with a suspended license and drive.  Politicians have put together bills to pass but it seems the Office of the Budget is pushing back telling the politicians that the state can't afford the new laws they are trying to pass.  I am not sure what the answer is but giving drunk drivers a free get out of jail ticket isn't the way to go.

There is nothing worse than a recovering smoker or alcoholic with a soap box and I was lucky and obviously had someone or something looking out for me.  Right now I don't care about the cost.  Get serious about handling these individuals.  Make the first one cost a lot of money and make sure they are tried quickly.  Another DUI becomes a felony with jail time, lots of jail time and rehabilitation.  Third strike, your

Then the Constitution gives me the right to "bear arms" so when Red Dawn comes I can at least fight back.    In almost every incident lately, someone knew the person was a problem but didn't say or do anything.  What has happened to us?  I could't walk to school without my mother knowing everything I did or didn't do along the route.  When did we give up being involved?


  1. You have the right to Bear Arms or Arm Bears... Never does say which...

  2. Yeah, my mom had several pairs of eyes in the back of her head, and ears that could hear stuff from miles away.