Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Todo Santos and the Hotel California

We left early Sunday morning on a road trip to Todo Santos on the Pacific side of the Baja peninsula.  We were the only ones in all of the resorts that decided to take the tour on Sunday so we had our guide completely to ourselves.  A very personable gentlemen who answered questions and gave us some very interesting history of the area.  As we left the resort our guide told us that our first stop was a blanket factory.  In the back of my head I am remembering our trip to Pentleton, Oregon and the factory there.  Well, this is about as far as you can get from the Pentleton factory unless you have a loom in your living room.  We were introduced to a 15 year old young fellow who showed us how the looms worked and how they made the blankets.  I was surprised to learn that one of the looms was two years old and the other was four years old.  I suspected them to be much older.  This is a stop along the highway to Todo Santos.

At this point both Mia and I were in need of facilities.  They have facilities.  Our guide suggested that it was rather unique and I was expecting a hole in the ground but there was a room with bamboo walls that you could see though with a toilet bowl inside.  Mia said it beat standing along the highway but I wasn't so sure since there was a young lady doing wash right next to where I was standing.

We left the blanket factory after Mia purchased a hand woven blanket and headed up the coast to Todo Santos.  We didn't really expect to find very much open and were surprised at the number of shops that were open on Sunday.  We arrived and our guide gave us a very instructional guide through the cultural center where they have artifacts, pictures, paintings and murals that show the history of the area and how the Jesuits changed the landscape.  After that we were free to roam.  Unfortunately being Sunday the Tequila Sunrise restaurant wasn't open so we didn't get a chance to have a drink (virgin).  But we did visit the Hotel California and the Mission.

As we arrived it wasn't a "dark desert highway" however there was a "cool wind in my hair".  The "warm smell of colitas" (little buds) could be found no where and certainly not "rising up through the air".  I didn't see any "shimmering lights" because as I have told you it was daylight and the sun was beating down.  My head wasn't heavy and except for dirty glasses my sight was pretty good.  I didn't need to stop for the night, but "there she stood in the doorway" so I thought, "what the heck", I'll stop for awhile.  It was noon and "I heard the MIssion bell".  "I was thinking to myself" this is weird as Heaven or strange as Hell.  Until one of the authors says otherwise I am going with this place isn't the Hotel California.  It is a nice place and I am glad I paid a visit.  I found a t-shirt with the Hotel California logo and the comment that it was established in 1947 the same year I was born.  Mia got her blanket and I got my t-shirt.  Before we left I took some pictures.  Oh, there is a courtyard but no one was dancing....they were eating.  It is part of the restaurant.

Hanging in the Hotel California Mens Room

The rest of the town was quaint and full of people trying to pry tourist free of the money they have.

We headed back to the resort for the big fair well dinner at an upscale restaurant over looking the bay in Cabo.

One final note and picture.  What would a trip to Cabo be without catching a Marlin.  Really?
 Would you believe a pirate girl?
Didn't think so...


  1. Looks like a fun and interesting day from start to finish. I always did wonder about the Hotel California. Is it a real place? If so, where is it? The restaurant property looks beautiful, too.

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