Sunday, March 24, 2013

Early Morning

Greetings from the great Pacific Northwest.  There is nothing better than rising early in the morning and  enjoying the quiet time as the sun rises in the east.  As nature wakes up in the complex and on this cold morning the grass and roofs are slowly turning white.  When I take Honey out for her first walk of the day I enjoy the fact that no one else is up at seven in the morning.  I listen to the sounds around me.   The different birds waking up to a new day.  An owl hooting.  The squirrels scampering around the complex in search of food.  If we are in the trailer park in Gold Bar the early mornings are even better.

I have been very busy with work lately although I have slowed down on the numbers of hours that I spend in the store.  I realize there is a lot still left to do but I don't feel the panic anymore to get it done yesterday.  It will get done, someday.

I am enjoying spending time with family and I love the weekends with Mia.   I just wish that I accomplished more on the weekend.  I still tend to lay around a lot even though I know that I have stuff to do.  Might be the same drugs that give me no panic at work.  It is like they take some of the drive away and I am not sure if it is a good thing.

Sadly I haven't seen much of my grandson lately.  He did call last night and I will get to see him today but I miss seeing him on a regular basis.  I don't have a lot of friends.  Real friends.  Acquaintances yes, but real friends, no.  My wife has lots of friends and she works at her friendships.  I have really only had one really close friend over the years and he moved away several years ago.  I have had some other friends but never real close.  During my childhood I spent a lot of time inside my head because I never seemed to fit in.  I had some friends but none of those friendships lasted past graduation.  High school was good, but the years leading up to it were filled with being bullied.  I never had any thoughts of doing harm to anyone.  I always considered the source and it would be interesting to know where the bullies ended up in later life but I haven't tried to find out.  They are probably CEO's of Fortune 500 companies.

Meet the Press is on and discussing gun control as the sun rises in the east.  Everyone is talking about background checks being a good thing.  Perhaps, but I have a question.  How many folks who killed someone with a gun last year, purchased that gun at a gun dealer or gun show?  I can't really disagree with the background check but I suspect that someone who wants to kill another isn't necessarily going to gun show or dealer to purchase the gun.  Whether they have mental illness or not, they will still find away to get the gun or they'll use a knife.  Should we have background checks for knifes?  After all, the mentally ill might get a hold of a kitchen knife.

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  1. Family are usually your best friends. They accept you just as you are.