Sunday, February 17, 2013

Here He Goes Again!

I think everyone who reads this blog has an understanding of my strong desire to retire and the recent events aren't helping at all.

The Pope decides to hang up his robes and tiara in favor of silence in a monastery somewhere near his home.  I understand that he is having physical issues and this is very likely a very good decision for the head of the biggest organized religious group, but the fact that all he had to do is say he was retiring and away he goes is really annoying.   I have to prepare to retire.  He just leaves and someone else will choose the person that will replace him.  Granted I still need to work for a while but it really would be nice to just give two weeks notice.

On the subject of retirement my long time companion and provider of mass amounts of information decided to retire after five years of excellent service.  My HP Laptop decided it was time to retire and shut itself down this last week.  I believe I have discovered the reason for the white screen that suddenly appeared and now I must decide if I should take it apart and try to fix the connection the the display screen, or drive a nail through the hard drive and send it to the recyclers.  Seems it wants to go to the recycles.

Then this morning I listened to Meet the Press and once again wonder who the hell is running the country.  I read an article in the New York Times by Thomas Friedman speaks about the economy and we the people.  He makes the statement that, "We the people still feel like children of permanently divorcing parents."  The government is sitting on the "mood button" and because of that the companies who are sitting on cash (like Apple) aren't willing to invest it in an economy with such an unsure future and a tax environment that isn't exactly friendly towards businesses who invest.  The current budget negotiations and those that have happened in the recent past only make individuals and businesses unsure of the future leaving many of us hoarding what funds we have to protect ourselves in the face of retirement.

I know I shouldn't bring politics into the blogging world.  Politicians want more revenue.  Unless the prove they can use in properly I don't see giving them anymore revenue.  Let the cut some of the programs, grants and subsides that they give out that have absolutely no social redeeming qualities.  And while they are at it, a few less committee meetings and probes into every issue that pops up where one might find a reason to impeach the other party.  There are tens of thousands of pages of documents from committee meetings and probes that take hundreds of staff members to research and develop.  Wow....

The drugs and counseling must be working.  I appear to be paying attention again.

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