Thursday, February 2, 2017


A few months back one of the fluorescent light units that light up my shop and garage decided to start smoking.  Over the years, I have seen this several times.  The ballast that pushes the fluorescent to work get really hot and over the course of time, break down and start to smoke.  I have never seen one catch fire but I don't think I want to wait around to find out.  Luckily, I was in the garage at the time and was able to shut off the power and disconnect the lamp.

I went looking for a better idea since I have five more of these units in the shop.  I found a retro kit made by Commercial Electric that removes the ballast and turns a 4' shop light into an LED fixture with no ballast.  Couldn't be simpler to install and gives off much bright and better lighting and cost less to use.  I just finished two lamps and ordered two more retro kits to do the remainder of the garage.


Two done
So I had a couple of more Root Beers.  Bedford's Root Beer was a spirited drink.  It comes in an old fashion bottle and is very tasty.  Developed and bottled just west of Seattle in Port Angeles, Washington it is more of a dessert drink with more of a licorice scent.

Next up, Jack Black's Dead Red Root Beer.  Not sure where it is bottled, but this is a Root Beer that comes with an energy drink in the form of Brazilian Guarana.  I really enjoyed this drink but I did drink it late enough in the day to be left Sleepless in Seattle.

Hope all is well.

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