Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Awaiting Results

Went to our regional health facility on Monday as requested by my Dermotolgist.  Since I have been having so much trouble he wanted me to come in for a biopsi of my skin for analysis.  I was injected with a deadner that makes the skin pop up on my right forearm and left outer thigh.  Using a punch tool the doctor took what looked like a "core sample" of material from both places.  Since this process digs a half inch deep hole in you there is blood and a big enough hole that a single stitch is required to close the wound.  I didn't feel a thing and I was happy for that.  I hope that I will find out what has invaded my body and get something to make it finally go away.
The doctor prescribed Doxepin to help relieve itching and the insomnia that comes with the constant itching.  I took one last night and fell soundly to sleep.  Mia said I was scratching but I didn't know it cause I was out cold.  Today, I have been in a fog and a little spacey.  A very powerful, small pill.

Early this morning I made raspberry freezer jam and some raspberry topping for ice cream.  It is so easy to do and I love raspberry jam.

Beyond that I have done very little.  Actually found myself taking a nap this afternoon.  I am thinking I won't take another pill tonight.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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