Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oktoberfest Sucks

Oktoberfest for a recovering alcoholic really sucks.  All these beer aficionados are out there enjoying their favorite beverage at many Oktoberfest celebrations all over the world.  I can't say that I was an aficionado in any way, shape or form because I consumed lots of beer, usually in a short period of time and some of the cheapest beers on the market.  Remember Near Beer?  How about the plain white box with the word BEER on the side.  Cheap isn't the word for it and I drank it like water.  Now in later life I think I have found what all those aficionados are enjoying only mine is non-alcoholic.

In this country there is another beer that is made and bottled by many different bottlers.  I have discovered it over the past couple of years and if you have read the blog before you probably already know where I am going.

I found the local Chapel to this beer several years ago but it wasn't until recently that one of their locations moved close enough to force me to take a short thirty minute trip.  The Root Beer Store opened a new location just south of us in Tacoma, Washington.  Today, Mia and I went to visit the store.
New Church in Tacoma

We walked in the door and found a table just a few short steps from the door with an ice bucket on it and seven bottles of root beer open and ready for tasting.  We tasted all of them and then spoke to the young lady running the place about our favorite Root Beer of all time, Monticello.  Bottled and sold only at Jefferson's Monticello we haven't been able to find an equal.  Monticello is $59.95 for a 24 bottle case shipped from Jefferson's home.  Shipping is additional.  I have heard that there is a product bottled by Dominion that is equal too or better than Monticello but we haven't been able to locate it locally.  So we are going to try to sample a few suggested by the young lady running the store.

On another subject I have the steps ready to take up to the trailer and install so we can enter and leave the back door.  Unfortunately the weather has gone to heck and we are getting buckets of water and frankly I don't want to go up and play in the wet.  The other thing on the steps pictured below is a rustic planter box made from recycled pallets.  I think I will be building more stuff with used pallets.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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