Sunday, November 16, 2014

Busy, Busy

It has been a busy few weeks since I decided to go back to work.  There are lots of things that needed to be done in the new digs.  Turns out the prospects for a replacement seem to be very slime so I have suggested they consider training one of the individuals in the department instead of searching all over for someone who will fit.

The commute isn't fun.  I get to see some of the dregs of society during my travels.  Many have mental illness that makes them unemployable or some type of physical impairment.  Still others look like normal folks who for one reason or another have found themselves homeless and sleeping on the street.  Unable to clean up or make themselves presentable for interviews they can't get out of the streets and back into the workforce.  Sadly this country chooses to spend billions overseas but can't see the need here at home.  So many folks go to bed hungry or don't have a bed and are still hungry.  What does it say about a society that chooses to ignore folks who went into medical bankruptcy or lost a job through no fault of their own.  Nothing seems to change.

Well I don't have a lot to discuss that I can discuss.  My family will be joining us for brunch later this morning that Mia is putting on for a family member who is visiting this weekend from Baltimore.  We haven't been together for some time.

I pulled the Traeger out of the garage and fired it up this morning.  A brined turkey is smoking as I type this.  My first attempt and I hope it works out.

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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