Wednesday, August 13, 2014


I was shock Monday afternoon to learn of Robin Williams death by suicide.  I was not shocked to learn that this wonderfully creative soul struggle with addiction and depression.  As he has said many times, "Been there, done that".

There are so many that struggle to overcome addiction without the benefit of professional help.  While I managed to beat my addiction to alcohol without help it is not something that I would try again.  Several years later while under an amazing amount of stress, depression set in sending me spiraling downward.  It is surprising to me that I didn't answer the little voice that Robin Williams talked about in his interview with Diane Sawyer, "just one".  I didn't take one, but I did seek professional help and I believe it has helped.

Loved ones with addiction and depression will say anything to continue down their self destructive path.  We must somehow learn to recognize the signs and seek help for those who can't or won't.


  1. Yes, indeed. Professional help can make all the difference. Stay well, Ken!