Tuesday, June 24, 2014

More Fun From The Graduation Trip

We spent Sunday driving down south to the town of Shoshone.  Named after Native Americans the town was first laid out in 1882 in anticipation of Union Pacific and the railroad being built.  In 1883 Union Pacific set up camp near town and Shoshone claims to have the longest main street in the country due to four sets of railroad tracks that run right through the center of town.

We aren't much on tourist attractions but couldn't resist the Shoshone Ice Caves just out of town on our way to Ketchum and Sun Valley.  This is a privately held roadside attraction that cost a couple of bucks but is an interesting venture into the ice caves.  According to our guide the caves were discovered by a 12 year old chasing a goat.  No idea if he found the goat.  Apparently during a volcanic eruption a lava tube was formed creating what is billed as the largest underground refrigeration unit in the world.  Nearly 1,000 feet long, 30 feet high the cave has 15 to 30 foot deep ice across the floor.  The temperature was thirty degrees the day we visited.  In the past Shoshone was billed as the only place for hundreds of miles that you could get a cold beer.

We drove up to Ketchum and Sun Valley mainly to say we had been there.  As we drove we noticed that everything along the route seemed to get more expensive looking and by the time we got to Sun Valley we were well outside our league.  It is no wonder that those that work in and around this area choose to reside in Shoshone where things are a little more economical.  We got home fairly early and spent the evening resting up for a big day on Monday.

Between Ketchum and Sun Valley into a strange looking RV.  Wonder what they were thinking?

Hope all is well and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. It sounds like you are all having a wonderful trip!