Sunday, January 13, 2013

Not Gone, Just Getting Used To Drugs

It has been a couple of weeks since I last checked in and I have to tell you that I am doing better.  The prescribed drugs seem to be working and while I realize that there is still much to get done I don't dwell on the fact that it isn't getting done.  I just feel so much better and less stressed.  I had my first meeting with the mental health person from my HMO and it was quite enlightening and I fully intend to take advantage of their services over the next couple of months.

Instead of working six days a week I took Wednesday off this past week and worked around the house.  One project I need to perform was replacing the broiler element in the upper oven of our Jenn Air Range.  At first glance, not a big deal.  Four screws and out comes the broken element.  Where the problem comes in is in the finding of the replacement unit.  I thought the local appliance store, but no.  Perhaps Lowe's or Home Depot, no.  I ended up several miles from my home base at Reliable Appliance parts to obtain the element.
I installed it, replaced the filter in the ice maker, water device inside the refrigerator, and decided to fix dinner so Mia could come home to a meal.  I fixed Chicken Ala King and it was great.

This past Sunday morning we decided to drive to Gold Bar to see how things are at the lot and check out the trailer.  The park had called us and asked us to come up and move the trailer during the holidays and Mia asked them if they could move it since it would be a while before we could get there.  When we got to the lot, the trailer was gone and so was the greenbelt along the back side of the lot.  Perhaps you remember the lot...
As you can see in the picture above taken last Memorial Day we had a lot of privacy from the folks behind us.  Well that has changed...

As you can see, we have no green belt at this point.  In fact, that area where there is no snow is actually a large frozen puddle.  Mia cracked the frozen surface and while it wasn't too wet it was pretty deep.  I just emailed the park to see if they can give me some kind of an idea what the reconstruction plan will entail.  I await their response.

It is in the low 20's here in Federal Way and I must go forth and take Honey for her night time walk before I go to bed.

Hope everyone is well.  Too bad the Seahawks couldn't pull it out to win today, but it was a hell of a season and they have the beginnings of a very good football team.


  1. nice to hear from you will be interesting to know what the campground will come up with.
    Too bad about the Seahawks..maybe next year?

  2. Glad you're making progress and feeling a bit better.