Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Christine And Not A Good Kind

Steven King is famous for quite literally scaring the holy be Jesus out of his readers.  I still remember the release of his book turned movie, Christine in 1983.

It is a tale of a young teen boy who spots a rusted, badly damaged red and white Plymouth Fury parked in front of a house and talks the elderly gentleman who owns the car, Christine, into selling it for $250.00.

As the story unfolds our lead character takes Christine to a repair shop to have it/her repaired.  In the process, the changes to the car appear to happen without the help of the repair shop while the personalities of the individuals around Christine seem to change as she begins to show that she can think for herself and may well have planned to do in several people before finally going after our young hero.
The novel, as always, was more scary than the movie, but the movie did have some great special effects for the day and I'll bet it scared a lot of people who had not read the book.

The LeMay collection contains Christine.

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