Sunday, April 3, 2011

No Camping and Rambling On

It was my hope to visit and finish setting up our trailer this weekend but our state decided to close a major highway (I405) between us and our campsite. Rains drenched the Puget Sound area, rivers were rising and flood warnings were posted on the alternate route. Add to that a tiring and emotional week and we decided to stay home. There was a major change pending at work this past week. An opportunity to do something totally different was in the works. Unfortunately the opportunity slipped away. The emotional highs and lows really mess with your whole outlook. With two or three more years to go until retirement, I had hoped to be able to test my skills doing something different. Not to say the opportunity is totally gone, this one was the one that I feel would have worked out best for the overall organization. We have a couple of others but I am not as confident as to the long term for the organization. So, I spent yesterday pretty much in veg mode. Mia and I did very little. Today we have housecleaning, shopping and our grand daughters birthday. I am told our son and daughter in law plan to visit our daughter so we will get to see our new grand son again and I would like to catch up with my nearly grown grand son. Family stuff really matters for me... Be safe out there.


  1. I.M. thinkin' that in the grand skeem of things, in few years when yer out their a livin' the relaxed retirement life, yer gonna look back and wonder why ya was worryin' bout things liken ya did. That ain't to say ya aught not worry bout that werk stuff, but it are the high degree of worry that can make ya unhappier than what ya was a worryin' bout in the first place, if'n y'all can foller what I.M. is tryin' to say.

  2. Sorry you won't be able to go camping this weekend. Maybe you should set everything up in the driveway and just pretend that you are, just for a change of pace. Hope things improve on the work front. Yes spending time with the family is an important thing in our lives as well.

    Kevin and Ruth

  3. nothing like family time to make a bad week seem better!!..hang in there..your time will be here before you know it!!